Why choose wrap.ie?

Wrap.ie is a dedicated professional wrap fitting company, we are the first and to date, the only signage company on route to becoming Ireland's only 3M certified installer. Our staff consists of the most talented and highly trained fitters in Ireland who are trained in using the highest quality 3M products. As part of the Insignia Group of Companies, we have a proven track record in signage and vehicle signage. We are completely self sufficient and do not sub out or contract out printing or fitting. Our attention to detail is unrivalled; we remove trims, handles, badges, lights etc before applying any wrap, to ensure a smooth seamless finish. All work is carried out at our indoor fitting bays in Harold's Cross, Dublin 6W.

What are the benefits of car wrapping?

You can wrap your car in any colour or design that you can think of, with the added benefit that it protects the original paintwork, so when it comes time to sell it, you have the choice to leave the wrap on, or remove it to reveal the original undamaged paintwork.

How much does a car wrap cost?

The cost depends on the complexity of the car/vehicle being wrapped, one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to car wrapping and there is also many different ways to achieve the look you desire. The best way is to contact our team on 01-4977378 or go to our Contact Us page and fill in the form, one of our sales reps will be in contact with you to discuss your needs and give you a no obligation free quotation.

How long does a car wrap last?

Our wraps are applied by some of the highest trained fitters in Ireland who are the first ever team to be on their way to 3m Certification. We only use 3M products and our techniques to apply them are flawless. So wraps completed by wrap.ie team last between 8-10 years, whereas wraps done with lower quality material and by part time non-professionals can last as little as a few months before they start pealing and shrinking.

Will car wrapping damage the vehicle?

Applying specialist car wrapping film to your vehicle will not damage your paintwork, provided the paintwork has initially bonded correctly to the surface. However If you already have stone chips, abrasions, rust patches or your vehicle has undergone a respray then it's important to remember that when the vinyl is removed it may pull loose paint/lacquer off with it.

Can I choose to wrap just part of my vehicle?

Of course, you can personalise your vehicle however you want too, for instance you can wrap your bonnet in matt black carbon fiber, your wing mirrors in fuchsia pink and put a tri colour on your roof. Not that we would recommend that colour scheme but if that's what expresses your personality then go for it!

Does this affect my VRT or Tax?

No. You do not need to inform or amend anything on your Log book about the change, as it is not classed as permanent. We do advise that you tell your insurance company though, it should not affect your insurance policy cost, but having this additional wrap on your insurance should help if you were ever involved in an accident and you needed panels to be re-wrapped. It is totally road legal and none of our customers have ever been questioned to date.

What are the benefits of vehicle wrapping to my business?

Vehicle branding or vehicle wrapping is an extremely cost effective long term advertising solution. It starts working for you straightaway and continues to work for you 365 days a year. The response rate is instant and we even had customers getting enquiries the day they pick up their van and driving back to their office.
Also the wrap will protect the original paint work and can be removed when selling the vehicle. It also does not limit the colour choices when buying your new or used vehicle. Many of our customers are now not limited by the colour of car only available for sale. With a wrap, you can buy any colour van and wrap it to suit your company branding.

What can you wrap?

Anything. We love a challenge and also have years of experience in the sign making industry so we can wrap just about anything. Motorbikes, BMX's, Pushbikes, boats, buses, trains, trams and you can even can wrap a building! If you have a crazy idea then let us know what it is, call us on 01-4977378

How long does it take?

It depends on the size of the vehicle and the complexity of the body shape, but for an average car it takes about 4 working days. We can give you estimates for any vehicle based on the amount of material needed for your job. We are extremely efficient in how we work which makes us fast, but our fitting team are a patient lot and take a great deal of pride from their work. You can't rush perfection!

Can I wrap a leased vehicle?

Yes you definitely can, a large percentage of our van wraps are for leased vehicles. The wrap can be removed on lease expiration and it will look as brand new as the day you leased it. Also, the cost of the wrap can also be factored into the overall term of the lease, hence greatly reducing the initial cost of the wrap.

Can you help me with my design?

Yes we have a team of creative designers who can create stunning graphics that incorporate your brand identity, logo and message. They can also determine which way to place graphics in a way which best suits the contours of your vehicle. Our team understand that the main goal of the wrap is to advertise your business and attract new customers. It also is a fantastic medium to strengthen your brand awareness and to date; our eye catching designs have definitely achieved this goal for each and every customer.